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The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet will accelerate and scale equitable energy transitions in low- and middle-income countries serving as an onramp to opportunity for 1 billion people, while averting carbon emissions, expanding energy access and creating jobs in the process.

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The Opportunity

People can’t live on a depleted and polluted planet. The urgent need for modern electricity and more jobs comes at the same time humanity must unite to address the climate crisis before the devastation of global warming becomes irreversible. 

Today, nearly half the world’s population still lacks access to reliable power, preventing families, farmers and entrepreneurs from securing their livelihoods and communities from accessing modern healthcare and education. Now, for the first time in history, the frontiers of energy technology can give people the electric power they need to join the global economy, creating jobs while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet mission: 

  • ENERGY_SPRD_570x390

    1 billion

    people empowered with clean, renewable energy by 2030

  • HEALTH_Planetary_Health_CarbonReduction

    4 billion

    tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided and averted

  • GreenJobs_570x390

    150 million

    green jobs created that generate inclusive economic growth

Our Focus on Renewable Energy Solutions

The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet is focused on three types of renewable energy projects that will create green jobs, enable the productive use of power for low-income communities and promote gender equity. Our three renewable energy pillars include:

  • Fossil Fuel Transitioning Decommission and repurpose large aging coal plants and installed diesel / heavy fuel oil assets
  • Grid-based Renewables Deploy utility-scale renewable generation, storage, distribution, and transmission
  • Distributed Renewable Energy Scale mini-grid and roof-top solutions to off-grid and underserved communities

Our Approach

Together with partners around the world we create holistic ecosystems around our three pillars of renewable energy solutionsWe work to: 

National Transformational Energy Programs: First Five Examples

Call for Country Partnerships

Unlocking a robust pipeline of projects that can be replicated and scaled to advance our shared ambitions

At COP26, The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet announced a Call for Country Partnerships (CCP), which offers financial and technical assistance to countries with the vision, commitment, and highest level of leadership to advance national transformational energy programs in distributed renewable energy, grid-based renewables and/or fossil fuel transitioning. The goal is to help countries create pipelines of energy projects that can be aggregated, replicated, and scaled – reducing carbon emissions, expanding energy access, and creating green jobs. These projects should help countries make significant strides towards existing national goals and plans (e.g., Nationally Determined Contributions, Energy Compacts, Integrated Electrification Plans) and attract a range of financing, including from development finance institutions and private capital.

Governments are invited to respond to the alliance’s first Call for Country Partnerships by submitting their Expression of Vision (EV) now until March 15, 2022 to info@energyalliance.org

Detailed guidance on how countries can develop and submit an EV can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish.

The EV is the initial step for countries to participate in the 2022 Call for Country Partnerships. Submitting an EV kicks off a collaborative process with the alliance, in which we jointly explore an energy program, define success, and for those selected, assemble a support package to deliver results.

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Call for Country Partnerships

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A Visionary Strategic Partnership

Unlocking transformational programs in any given country requires a radically collaborative approach. We bring together stakeholders that would otherwise remain fragmented, and enable transformational programs to flourish.

Types of Partnerships

  • Anchor Partners The alliance’s philanthropic partners and donors set our strategic vision, provide risk-tolerant grant capital, and ensure the alliance’s capacity to deliver results on a sustained basis.
  • Investment Partners The alliance will work with investment partners to help de-risk blended finance facilities, allowing them to finance a greater number of projects more quickly and to adopt a greater risk profile.
  • Delivery Partners The alliance will leverage partner with organizations with expertise from around the world to bring policy, technical and project development capacity to bear and ensure success against our goals.

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Join the movement

We’re bringing together global leaders and changemakers to support an equitable energy transition and drive inclusive and green economic growth for people around the world. Add your own words to the conversation by finishing the sentence “#LetsChangeEnergy for…” on social media. We will display a selection of ideas with world leaders at the SDG7 pavilion during COP26 and on this page. Here’s what people are saying.

Let's change energy for...

  • You and for me and the entire human race Ireland

  • People experiencing the effects of climate change. Annie Rubin, United States

  • LIFE Paritosh Vyas, India

  • Saving our People and Planet  Akshay Srivastav, India

  • Women and girls! Anna Humphrey, United States

  • For everyone, forever. John Spangler, United States

  • The next generation of climate advocates! United States

  • For the health of the planet and for future generations! Christina Cataldo, United States

  • OUR PLANET Rory Wheat, Canada

  • The youth Alejandra Valdivia, Peru

  • The next generation Shradha Pandey, India

  • The future of our planet Canada

  • A healthy future for our children! United States

  • Schoolchildren in rural Africa United States

  • Women and girls who walk streets unsafely at night Pakistan

  • the students in Mexico that are promoting the use and benefit of renewable energies. Change to move towards a more sustainable future in... IPN Student Energy Chapter, Mexico

  • Caribbean SIDS to survive the climate crisis. Trinidad and Tobago

  • save the earth and everything in it. Making the earth a more comfortable and beautiful place to live in. Ihsan Daemon, Indonesia

  • Youth Philippines

  • our children Kenya

  • the creation of green jobs in the sustainable energy industry Andrea Sanchez, Mexico

  • women entrepreneurs! United States

  • Incentive mechanisms for countries which provide large green cover like Brazil should be provided so that Brazil will no longer have to... Vijay Mahindhran, India

  • Let’s change energy for protecting our Earth for progressive future of the people in our society as well as for planetary well-being so... Curtorim Union, India

  • A prosperous future is a green future. #LetsChangeEnergy for good and stop choosing between jobs or the planet. Joslyne Muthoni, Kenya

  • for current and future generations & for a new global system that puts people over profit 💡 Helen Watts, Canada

  • better living in Africa so that through industrialization we are all able to #BuildToLast. Patrick Bitature, Uganda

  • a better Africa.   Azeez Abubakar, Nigeria

  • more sustainable food sources. WAJE, Nigeria

  • people of Africa to show their greatness Beth Mansur, Brazil

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